Which One Is Better – Jura or Delonghi ?

Importance of coffee machines

With the growing consumption of coffee amongst the general populace, there has also been a growing use of the coffee machines. With time, people ask for different varieties of coffee and other hot beverages and this is where the coffee machines come into the picture. Apart from homes, these machines find a lot of appearance in offices also where coffee is a must to have a greater concentration on the work, have a good networking with the colleagues and clients and keeping off the growing tension and depression due to the excessive workload. Out of the extremely large number of options available for the brand of the coffee machines, this article majorly discusses two brands, namely Jura and Delonghi. In short, it is all about answering the basic question of jura vs delonghi.

About Jura brand

Originally called as Jura Elektroapparate AG, Jura is the brand that produces a number of automated espresso machines. With the aim of a sturdy design that has enhanced performance and quite a low-cost price, this brand keeps on preparing its products and upgrading them from time to time. Started in the year 1931, it attained the growth curve very quickly and started outsourcing its business from the 1990s itself. It has now joint or distributive ventures in more than 30 nations of the world. Coming in a wide range of sizes, currently, these coffee machines have created a new impact in the market and given a new boom to the industry of coffee machines.

Some of the products of Jura

Following are some of the key products of Jura which have gained a lot of market popularity and have created a huge impact in the recent times: –

  • Ena Micro 1, that is a machine with a sleek and sturdy design which makes it durable for longer durations. It can take the raw coffee beans as the intake, grind them out of its own and then use them in the process of coffee preparation. The bean preservation cover keeps the coffee sample fresh forever and hence never compromises on the taste of the same. The high-quality components ensure fast action and its power saving mode ensures expenditure of less power with this enhanced performance. It may pose issues of space and portability due to its bulky size, but this gets overshadowed by its amazing performance.
  • Ena 9 One Touch, which has a greater number of options for improving the varieties of the hot beverages. Considering its weight with the other existing models, it has a number of advanced features that can prepare different varieties of coffee in a quick manner. Its conical grinders have a long-lasting performance and release the aroma of the coffee during the grinding very well. But it costs a bit more than the previous model mentioned in the above pointer.
  • Impressa A5 Model, which provides enhanced technical specifications at a handy price. With the ability to store the raw coffee beans for a longer duration, it has a power saving mode thus allowing enhanced performance at lower power dissipation rates. Its price is a bit non-economical but this simply gets overshadowed by its amazing performance.

About Delonghi brand

An Italy based company, Delonghi expertise in the production of not only automated coffee machines but also a wide range of other products like air conditioners and heaters to name a few. It has a wide diversity of the types of the coffee machines, starting from automatic espresso machines to Moka pots, all-in-one machine, coffee grinders and electric milk frothers. Its 13 production facilities and 30 international subsidiaries support the sale system in about 75 nations of the world. Currently, its coffee machines have created a huge impact in the market in terms of low cost, enhanced performance and low maintenance costs that have made them come to par with the other existing models in the market currently.

Some of the products of Delonghi

Following are some of the key products of Delonghi brand that have created a huge impact on the coffee market in the recent years: –

  • EC860 Espresso Maker, that has a stainless steel make at affordable and economical prices. With a small weight and dimensions, it can fit easily over any kitchen space and even poses the ease of portability to a large number of places easily. Its fully automated feature allows the addition of the right amount of coffee with the right amount of brewing and hence having the perfect blend of the coffee. It poses just one issue, i.e. it does not have its own coffee grinder and hence needs to be fed with pre-ground coffee.
  • Magnifica Espresso Model, which is double in price of the above-mentioned model but provide the make and services of the level of Ena series of Jura. These are large sized models of stainless steel make with enough space of storage reservoir and a fastened speed of coffee preparation techniques. Its huge size might pose issues in cleaning and spacing, but the enhanced performance just ignores the former.

Comparison of the two brands

Now coming to the answer of jura vs delonghi, there is no such specific answer as it completely depends upon the customer to select either of the brands based on the parameters like spacing constraints, power usage, enhanced features and options, economical costs etc. to name a few. However, the following are some of the features that give an added advantage to either of the brands over the other: –

  • Jura machines have a very high quality and can last for a longer duration. The varieties in which they offer the coffee is quite large and the quantity of brew produced each time is also sufficient enough. But their high prices might hit the pockets of a major chunk of the people.
  • Delonghi machines on the other side come at economical prices and are available in different size such that they can fit any of the spaces easily. Their technology is also unquestionable when compared to their Jura counterparts.