Types of growing bags


There are so many types of growing bags existing today. Not all growing bags are equal and same. Each one has specific qualities that differentiate them. Sometimes choosing cannabis growing bags can be a difficult task. This is because of the many types with different qualities and features. Even if the choice might be overwhelming, always make sure that every decision is directed towards healthy plants. The growing bags differ in size and specifications. If you do not have a clue of the right growing bag for you, it will be better if you get help from a professional. Each growing bag has their own advantages and their disadvantages. When selecting the type of bag for your plant, you should always keep in mind that your plants need optimal growth and that the root system should have a free and suitable growing environment. When you go to a grow store or when you look online for your cannabis growing bags, you will definitely find that there are types of growing bags that are sold in the market. Below are some of the types on the market

Standard flower pot

This is a type of growing pot that you can easily find anywhere for little money. Mostly, this kind of growing containers is made from plastic. There is the new type and the old type but both are made of plastic that is different. When purchasing this kind of container, you must also get a saucer that is matching to avoid runoff water. When your choice is this type of container, you should always find a way to have a drainage system for your plants. If not so, water might clog resulting in unhealthy plants. Water clogging might also be a way of killing the plants. Some of these pots come with holes while some do not. If the pot does not have holes, you should always consider creating your own holes before planting your cannabis. These types of pots have the terracotta design. The terracotta is loved by many because of their ability to sustain plants during the summer period. They store excess moisture and soaking up hence, providing a cooling effect to the plants during summer time.

Smart Pots

This is the second type of pot that you will find out there. They are also known as fabric bags. They can be a great deal especially if you are looking for cannabis growing bags. They are always considered as the best for growing cannabis because they prevent plants from having unhealthy roots. These kinds of containers allow free growth of plant roots. They are usually made in a manner that they allow free and constant growth of new plant roots promoting the growth of healthy plants. This type of bags is preferred as cannabis growing bags because they have an advantage of drainage. It is not that easy to overwater plants if you have this type of growing bag. Also, when their work is done, restoring this type of growing bags is very easy. Though they are suitable for growing of plants, they also have their drawbacks. They usually dry up very fast. This might make the growing bag unsuitable especially when it comes to summertime. Also, due to its water leaking quality, it might not be suitable for each and every environment.

Air Pot

Air pot is a pot that has almost the same qualities as the smart pot. They are made of plastic and have openings on the side of the container. They are a type of pots that allow free growth of the plants’ roots and they also allow free circulation of air and moisture to the plants. Usually, plants grown in this type of growing containers need often watering. This is because the pot allows the soil to dry out quickly. These kind of pots, however, are sturdier than the fabric pots. Therefore, they cannot tip over that easily. Because this type of containers also leak, buying a fitting soccer will be of great advantage. They come in different shapes and sizes. They are good for aeration, drainage and good plant health. They are a type of growing pot that is worth investing in. The only disadvantage is that they are bulky when it comes to storage. They cannot be folded hence, they occupy a lot of space.

Hempy Buckets

These types of growing containers are almost similar to normal pots. The only difference is that the drainage hole or pore isn’t below the container. Instead, the drainage hole is several centimeters above the bottom of the container. This quality results to a small nutrients reservoir solution at the Hempy bucket. Therefore, you can water your plants less frequently as compared to smart pots and air pots. When growing your plants in a Hempy bucket, you should always make sure that there is no stagnant nutrients solution. Being stagnant will mean that the growth of the plants, in general, will be problematic and not healthy at all. This type of growing containers can be affordable but they also have their disadvantages. They can inhibit the free growth of plant roots. Sometimes drainage might be problematic leading to draining and death of plants. Also, if not kept in check, the nutrient solution might be stagnant. Storing this kind of growing container can be difficult and bulky because they cannot be folded hence, occupy a lot of space.


There are so many types of growing bags that are being offered in the market. Each bag has its own unique features. They also have the advantages and the disadvantages. When selecting a cannabis growing bag, you should always go deep and know all the types of growing bags and their specifications. When selecting, always keep in mind that a healthy plant has great results. Choose a type of growing bag that will well suit your budget, your plant, your environment, the planting location, and so many other considerations.