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Today we want to talk about a very special food, which is not as well known, it is about apricot seeds. These are characterized by having many good properties for our health, today we tell you some of them, so you can begin to consume them and benefit to the fullest, pay close attention! Apricot, as well as its core, contains carotenoids that are well-known antioxidants and given a large number of benefits of antioxidants, especially the claims of their ability to fight against aging, apricot seeds seem to be at the top of the list of healthy foods.

Let’s start with some general considerations, the apricot is also known by the name of damask, are somewhat smaller than the peach, with orange, white, yellow or reddish skin and a soft and velvety touch. Its seeds are small pipes that can be found in this fruit. Among its main properties, we want to emphasize that they are rich in the B vitamins. On the other hand, they are excellent when it comes to raising our defenses since they have the ability to stimulate the immune system, which means that they improve the natural defenses of our body. They also have antioxidant and analgesic properties of their vitamin B17 content, and help us take care of our skin.

Organic bitter kernels is rich in natural sugars, vitamin A and calcium; it is a good source of B vitamins, fatty proteins. The Hunza community has been consuming seeds of apricot kernels for centuries. This community is today the most studied by our scientists worldwide; since they are the longest living on this planet.

Organic bitter kernels

What is known about the Hunzas?

Very remote and hidden in the Himalayas, surrounded by Pakistan, India and China are the small kingdoms of Hunza, whose inhabitants are famous, all over the world, for the advanced ages they usually achieve while enjoying excellent health. It is not uncommon for them to live beyond one hundred (100) years, and may reach 120. Doctors who have traveled through these places report that there is no cancer in Hunza.

And it is interesting to note that the food of that town consumes approximately two hundred times more nitriloside than in the common food of the USA. Actually, in that country where money is not known, the wealth of a person is measured in damask (apricot) trees. The Prince Regent confirms it and adds the information that it is not uncommon to end a lunch with 30 to 50 seeds (apricot) as a dessert. A dessert provides more than 75,000 units of vitamin A, and more than 150 mg of B-17.

Organic bitter kernels – Bitter almonds come from wild apricots, much more acid than it grows.

It is the latter that is used for its virtues. These almonds are one of the most important sources of vitamin B17, also known as laetrile (against cancer). They contain many other nutrients: magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iodine, zinc, copper, manganese, iron, amino acids, lives B1. The whole form to be ground in itself is more effective than powder forms that undergo oxidation.

Ingredients: 200 g of whole almonds bitter organic wild apricot, almonds or less 450.

Origin: Uzbekistan

Directions of organic bitter kernels: from 2 to 10 almonds per day for normal eating or crushing (mortar or coffee grinder) before ingestion.

Vitamin B-17 in organic bitter kernels – It has recently been discovered in the USA, which the curative properties of vitamin B-17, specific against cancer, are due to the fact that in the presence of water and the enzyme beta-glucosidase, the B-17 molecule generates cyanide and benzaldehyde.

These compounds are individually highly toxic, but working in symbiosis their effects are multiplied by a factor that is estimated to make them about 100 times more powerful. This enzyme, beta-glucosidase, is found in significant amounts in cancer cells, and very little in the rest of the body, usually up to 100 times more. Therefore, these toxic substances destroy only the cancer cells; it is a true chemotherapy, specific, localized and very effective.

For those who have cancer: It is very important to organic bitter kernels, which must be chewed slowly; and that they should be kept in the mouth for as long as necessary until they are liquefied. The idea is to eat two seeds, or pips, per hour, during the course of the day. The best results have been observed with the consumption of three to five (3 to 5) pips per hour of normal daytime activity.

The vitamin B-17 is soluble (dissolved in water) and is not toxic. Some people feel some nausea when they eat a lot at once, in a similar way as they would if they drank large amounts of salt water. In such a case the amount taken each time is reduced, but the frequency is increased. Preventive dose: Those who do not have cancer can take seven to ten (7 to 10) pips a day. Dr. Krebs states that, although they are somewhat bitter, it is best to eat the natural, whole seed. The doctor asks, “Would it be worth losing your life for not wanting to eat some bitter seeds?”

Organic bitter kernels are best for:

  • Fighting cancer

This is without a doubt, the most controversial benefit of apricot seeds. Vitamin B17, which is found in good quantity in apricot seeds, has been claimed to not only have analgesic properties that help in the fight against pain due to cancer but it has also been claimed to have anti-tumor and anti-microbial properties although Additional research is essential to establish the authenticity of those claims.


Taste Very bitter

Color Beige and brown

Energy per Kcal / 100g 606

Proteins per g / 100 23.5

Carbohydrates g / 100g 13, 4

Sodium g / 100g 0.004

Fiber g / 100g 0.8

Sugars g / 100g 0.0

Greases g / 100g 50.8

Fatty acids g / 100g 4.2

Salts g / 100g 0.01