Cleaning sofas or carpets upholstery

The material that sofa has must be vacuumed at least once a month for all its parts (including armrest and rear) so that dust does not accumulate on it. The cleaning of sofas is relatively recent. Not too long ago, it was very common to see sofas with covers or covers in the houses, which made it impossible to know what the original tapestry was like until the day when, due to the deterioration of the structure, they were lowered onto the street to be replaced by new ones. The fear that some rebellious spot could spoil the original appearance was greater than the interest to really enjoy the chosen tapestry. This fear of dirtying the sofas, and not knowing how to remove the stains, we can still observe in the home of many elderly people.


If you need a company to clean sofas at home, we must Phoenix. They are very good and have good prices. We recommend them because we only work in large volumes for companies so if you are private do not hesitate to contact. Glendale az sofa is best service offered so far! The explanation is not really because they want to avoid the work of having to clean, but rather to ignore how to perform a proper cleaning with good results. Therefore, we thought it was interesting to explain in this post, how we should proceed in the cleaning of sofas.

At the time of cleaning the sofas, there are factors such as the possibility of completely or partially disassembling the covers for cleaning, a task that can make the job a lot easier, but it will also depend on the composition of the surfaces to see how to remove them. spots, and sanitize in general. Before going on to see the tips for cleaning sofas more suitable, we will start by making a classification of the types of sofas.

Maintenance fabric sofas

To the maintenance of a sofa upholstered in cloth, it would suffice to vacuum it once a week and immediately deal with any stains that may arise. The superficial stains can be removed with a much wrung wet cloth, although you should be careful because certain cotton and wool upholstery fade when wet. Some fabrics allow being treated with steam engines. Generally, sofas have a label like those on clothes with instructions to wash between the cushions and should be consulted. We are a team of professionals that offers quality cleaning services at the best prices. We have the most modern cleaning methods offering the guarantee of a perfect result.

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We provide professional assistance to individuals and companies in all types of cleaning, dry cleaning, and laundry services. We provide industrial services, with our own workshop and our own machinery. Leave your home as new with the change of season with this offer of professional cleaning of sofas, armchairs and even carpets at home with the glendale az sofa.

Being able to enjoy your clean and tidy home is always something that comforts, especially when you get home after a hard day’s work. The problem is that the rhythm of the day to day sometimes does not allow us to have everything as arranged as we would like. That is why we want to make your life a little easier by offering you in collaboration with Ne Wash this service directly at home, for your greater comfort, for you to dedicate yourself to what you really like. The service includes an antibacterial sanitizing process for the elimination of all types of bacteria, mites, germs and bad odors.

– The washing is done with a totally ecological system that does not require the use of water, obtaining cleanliness free of humidity; Wash and go!

– This offer does not include the cleaning of leather sofas.

– Maximum 2 coupons per person / address.

– Service directly at home, for your convenience.

– The collection of the carpet, cleaning, and subsequent home delivery entails a plus of € 5 to be paid to the cleaning professional.

– The cleaning hours of the same coupon will be done in a single session.

Forget cleaning the sofas and carpets at home with this cleaning service. We use specific products so as not to damage the colors, we apply disinfectant and antibacterial foam in the upholstery to be treated, to dissolve the dirt and clean the fabric. The machinery and products that we use in for the glendale az sofa are appropriate for each type of fabric.

To clean a fabric sofa, it is necessary to call a company that does the washing or cleaning professionally, since if it is not, the most frequent is that there are haloes. We offer the best professional cleaning and disinfection service for all types of home furnishing. We perform a visual analysis of the piece to be treated, what type of fabric, state of the fabric and hardness of the dye, search for spots, areas to be treated more thoroughly. We spray liquids with soaps and selected products for each case.

They are left to act, the surfaces to be cleaned are rubbed, and we aspire to eliminate the liquids and spots dissolved in it. We extract mites, dust, and organic debris up to 20 cm with double aspiration turbine. We have a large team of professionals who perform the cleaning tasks of the different types of upholstery with the greatest guarantee.