Advantages of hiring a cleaning company for the home

Am I going to put a stranger in my house/company? Can I trust him? It’s a question that, the first time we hire cleaning services, we usually ask ourselves. That the cleaning services are of quality and above all, reliable and professional, are fundamental aspects that we must always keep in mind. Where can we find cleaning service companies with the characteristics we are looking for? The Internet is an immense source of information for the consumer. Therefore, it is necessary that we know in advance what we want to look for, so that the hours spent navigating the network are more productive and we arrive earlier at the expected results.

Connect Cleaners are a company that offers domestic services consolidated thanks to the trust of its customers and currently offers a wide range of customized services, among which the most requested are home cleaning and cleaning services to companies and communities. Recently Connect Cleaners has attended to the suggestions of its customers and has added services such as ironing courses, window cleaning and also a gift card.

All the services of Connect Cleaners can be hired by the hour or in a continuous way, daily, weekly or monthly.

Philosophy and values

Connect Cleaners are aware that the trust placed in our company must be reciprocated in the best possible way.

What are our values?


We adapt to the needs of each client by customizing the service


It is a priority. We prefer to increase our costs before reducing the quality of our services


The trajectory and perseverance in providing quality services


Having a good trained and experienced team

Do you have to clean your home after a hard day’s work? Do you spend your leisure time cleaning your house? Well … Keep reading for Connect Cleaners! What is to come interests you.

Cleaning our home is a necessary task that provides comfort, comfort and multiple benefits for our health and that of our family. Proper sanitation of the home helps prevents diseases and allergies caused by microorganisms located in less clean areas. In addition, the sensation of cleanliness transmits tranquility helping us to feel more comfortable in our home. However, we must know that not any type of cleaning is useful. Connect Cleaners are the best!

Many times we do not dedicate to cleaning the time it requires, either because we are late and tired of working or because we have other things to do, neglecting the image of our home and our own well-being. So if you do not have enough time we advise you to hire a cleaning service at home that frees you from the heavier tasks so you can focus on what is really important.

Pay attention! We show you the benefits of home cleaning.

Effectiveness: The cleanliness of the home is a task that must be done daily, but due to the limited time we have, it can be difficult to carry out. The hiring of a cleaning service at home is the best decision to perform a proper cleaning of the home in depth, which will help you to invest less effort in daily cleaning.

* Tip: If you do not have enough time, hire a house cleaning service to help you with household chores at least once a week.

Saving time: Professional cleaning companies know all the tricks to spare time in cleaning, so they will perform an effective and effective work in much less time than it would take you. In this way you will pay a lower price than you would have estimated. Test it! And enjoy the benefits of home cleaning.

Quality work: The cleaning of an address cannot be done only on the surfaces or areas that we find dirty. It is important to know the spaces that need more dedication and that at first sight we do not perceive.

It’s not good for our house to look clean, but it has to be! Companies specialized in home cleaning services know all the corners of the home that need a good disinfection and have the necessary tools to reach the least accessible places.

Quality of life: Outsourcing and delegating the cleanliness of your home in a company dedicated to it, you can dedicate your time to truly important things:

  • To carry out activities that you have always wanted to do but have never been able to do for lack of time.
  • Pass more family time when you get home.
  • Relaying

Having more free time and investing in things that motivate you greatly increases the quality of life of people, making them happier. Life is to enjoy it; we do not spend it cleaning!

Inspiration: A really clean house produces a pleasant atmosphere that intoxicates the home and its inhabitants. This environment transmits peace and at the same times a feeling of positivity in people promoting tranquility and inspiration. Feeling comfortable in your home is essential!

Health: Your health and that of your family is the most important and something with which to take special care at home. There are some cleaning products that expel toxic gases that can endanger the health of people around. More and more home cleaning companies are becoming aware of health and the environment, resorting to ecological products that protect both the health of their employees and their customers. In addition, there are many diseases and allergies that can be prevented with proper cleaning. Therefore, a strict cleaning of the home is necessary to protect us from diseases that usually affect children, the most vulnerable to the environmental dangers that a house can have.

Opportunity cost: Do you know what the opportunity cost is? Also known as the value of the best option not made. It is a term used in economics that refers to the cost of what you stop doing to perform another activity. It is a term that is very applicable on a day-to-day basis since life is based on making decisions.